Things to look for in an Accent Table

Things to look for in an Accent TableAn accent table is just that it “accents” the rest of the furnishings in that room. It adds flair and character. It needs to match the surroundings while remaining the piece of furniture that stands out among all the rest. The right accent table does to a room what the proper seasoning does to food; it turns bland and ordinary into extraordinary.

An accent table adds function, style and class to the home. It should be durable, and constructed in such a style as to complement the style of the room, so before selecting your accent table consider the other furniture. Woods should be harmonious, if it is a wood table. If it is made of other materials it should be similar in style to the furniture that it will sit next to. For example if the décor is modernistic with sleek lines, the table should be too. Take for example this stylish bistro table.

Fun accent tablesThis fun table comes in two sizes; one made for an armchair, sectional or a sofa, and the other size to provide access for two individuals simultaneously. This table is created with the idea of entertainment whether it is for the family or for family and guests. It is the perfect height for ready access to snacks or games while the party goer remains comfortably seated.

Imagine this table sitting beside this chaise lounge chair, and you get the idea of the kind of setting that this accent table would feel at home in.

Chaise Lounge Chair StoreSmooth, sexy, luxurious, comfortable and stylish; what more could you want in a chair? Wouldn’t this chair and table go well together? Now you get the idea.

Perhaps you would like to purchase the accent table first and then build around it. What should you look for? Remember your selection is going to set the stage for all that follows. Choose wisely.

  • Look for a well-constructed table. If it is made of wood, look for actual wood and not particle board.
  • Deal with a reputable company. Look for one that offers returns, and or an exchange policy.
  • Does the company offer replacement parts? Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture only to have a part get lost and find that it is irreplaceable?
  • Do they offer free shipment tracking?
  • If it is an online shop does it offer secured shopping? In this day of internet fraud secure shopping is vital for peace of mind.
  • What is the purpose of your table? The purpose will assist you in selecting the proper height. If it is to serve as your night stand, you will be more comfortable if it is nearly level with your mattress. If using it in your living room for snacks or games, it should be almost level with the arm of your chair but if you are using it in your entry way or as a vanity it should be high enough that you can place a chair under it and sit there to use it as a desk or make up table.
  • What color are your mop boards and door frames? If your home has wood trim that is walnut, for example, an oak accent table would look out of place and destroy the whole look of the room’s décor.

One of the best ways to shop for an accent table is online. Many furniture outlets offer free shipping; you can compare prices and quality, and the measurements are right there. You can compare many with just a few clicks and visualize what they would look like in your home. Get out that tape measure, jot down a few figures and see for yourself.


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How to Care for your Accent Table

Care for your Accent Table The proper care of your furniture and your furnishings will enable you to enjoy them for many years to come. One thing to remember when buying furniture is that good quality pieces will far outlast less expensive pieces. The better quality furniture will more than pay you back for the difference you paid over time.

A very economical wood furniture polish is mineral oil; the same oil found in baby oil can help you to “baby” your furniture.

Save those wine corks and slice thin pieces from one to save your accent table tops and hardwood floors. Cork is made in such a way that it is waterproof so is impermeable to liquids and gases and will last for virtually ever. They have sealed wine bottles for over 400 years. Glue pieces to the bottom of your chair and table legs and also to the bottom of your pottery pieces before displaying them on your table.

If you like to sew or participate in scrap booking or crafts, you should cover your table top with a plastic flannel lined cloth or a shower curtain to protect your table from scratches when you are crafting.

Before cleaning the accent table, determine what the table is constructed from. Some of the things which you may already have in your home that are useful in removing water rings from your table are:

  • Ashes – mix ashes with a few drops of water and rub lightly over the mark, then polish with furniture polish
  • Baking soda – add very little water to some baking soda, just enough to make a thick paste. Rub in a circular motion to remove spots from furniture.
  • Car wax – take a dab of wax on your finger or a soft cloth and trace the ring with your finger, then buff it out.
  • Petroleum jelly – place some in the watermarks and let it sit overnight. Buff it out in the morning.
  • Salt – Use the same way you did baking soda. Salt also helps to clean wicker furniture. Scrub with warm water, salt and a brush to remove yellowing. Let it sit in the sun.
  • Toothpaste – Place a dab of toothpaste on a soft rag and rub away spots on wood, crayon on walls, grime on chrome, gunk on ceramics, or marks on glass or mirrors. It is a soft abrasive which will make your furniture shine.
  • Vinegar – no home should be without this hard working cleaner. If you got a little candle wax stuck on your table top soften it with your hair dryer on hot, dab at it with paper towels then clean it up with equal parts vinegar and water.

Wipe and polish with a soft absorbent cloth and polish.

Please do not use vinegar, alcohol, cleaners containing alcohol, or lemon juice on any table tops made of marble, stone, limestone or travertine. These products are very acidic and will eat through the calcium in the stonework.  They also may mar the finish and dull the shine.

Shine your marble top tables with 3 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart warm water. Wash the table top with the solution then wait 15 minutes. Rinse with plain water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Did you know that chalk dust can delay the tarnish of your fine silver? It absorbs the moisture and helps to retard tarnish. Place your chalk in your jewelry box or the case with your fine silver. You can also polish your marble table tops by crushing chalk and adding a little water to make a paste. Dip a soft cloth in the paste and wash your table top. Rinse with clean water, dry, buff and admire your shine.

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Things to Look for in an Accent Table

While this article will specifically discuss accent tables, there is information included which would apply to any pieces of furniture you may want to select for your home.

When shopping there are basic things you will always want to do when examining furniture:

  • Check the labels.
  • Check to be sure the finish feels smooth and is evenly applied.
  • Open all doors and drawers and be sure they are properly constructed.
  • Check to see that the table or other piece of furniture stands level and does not rock.

Avoid furniture with stimulated wood.

Tables and other pieces of furniture constructed with stimulated wood will only last a short time. Dampness can cause these pieces to swell and warp. Read your labels. For example a label reading “cherry word finish” would probably mean particle board with a finish added to give the appearance of cherry wood.

The cheaper tag will cost you twice as much or more.

Things to Look for in an Accent TablePurchasing a quality piece of furniture may mean paying more initially, but searching for furniture with the idea of a very low price tag may cost you a lot more over the years as the table may need replacing frequently, while a quality table will serve you for many years to come.  For example, if you were to buy one table for $300. 00 this may seem to be more expensive, but when this same table still looks new five years down the road, and a cheaper version of the same table for $100.00 has been replaced five times, which one(s) cost more? A quality table will actually last you much longer than 5 years.

An accent table does not have to be big to be huge on both style and function.

Accent table SylesThis small table will not overwhelm you, but will add the perfect finishing touches to a well laid out living space. The right table nestled nicely between your love seat and couch or chair adds class to your room and function.  It aids you when entertaining with being able to offer refreshments for your guests or to display family pictures or prized mementos. The eye is drawn to these wonderful tables and the conversation flows in the direction of your passions. Perhaps you were able to go to a concert and watch your favorite singer perform, or visit family in a warmer climate and collected some shells. An accent table gives you the option of showcasing your delights. The conversation becomes animated and a wonderful time is had by all. Sharing special memories brings us closer to our friends and loved ones and accent tables subtly help us to do that.

The right accent table aids in storage.

Select Accent TablesA drawer or additional shelf also provides more storage. We can use this as needed for storage and or an additional area to display our items to help de-clutter our home.

Find the accent table that compliments the room.

Either accent table would look fantastic in any room, but will they match the existing furniture in the room? Are the other pieces wood also? Are they constructed of dark or light wood or perhaps painted wood?  Generally it is a good idea to try and make a harmonious look when adding more pieces to a room but when starting to furnish a room and starting out with your accent tables as your basic pieces purchase more than one so your tables can match one another. Then build around them, slowing adding furniture that will compliment your tables. If you have or are furnishing a room with wood constructed furniture, aim for the same wood finish in all of your furniture. If the furniture is upholstered, then you would be safe to add a few accent tables such as those shown above to allow for a dramatic statement in your home.

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